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WEDDING AND ELOPEMENT photographer based out of central virginia, but i'll travel where ever your heart desires. exploring new places and capturing those in love are what I live for. 

hey, im kylie

I often get asked how I got into photography or how long I've been doing this. The simple answer is that I've been a wedding photographer for about three years. The long answer is that I know i fell in love with photography too long ago to pinpoint. It's always been something that's been a part of my life. I remember being ten years old and feeling over the moon about getting my first digital camera for my birthday. Somewhere between there and turning thirteen I managed to lose this digital camera but that didn't matter, i just wanted to create and share art. I made my first photography instagram account to share my "nature photography" of photos i took on my iPod touch. 

Since then my love for photography has evolved into a form of storytelling. a way of capturing and documenting real life love stories and preserving them forever in art form. 

My goal every time I pick up my camera isn't just to take beautiful photos, it's to capture a story. When you look back at your photos I don't want you to see perfectly posed, stiff, curated images, I want you to be able to relive that moment. To feel how you felt, to see the emotion. 

A few things about me


I like to consider myself more of a story teller than a photographer. Of course you'll get beautiful photos, but i want it to be more than that. I want to deliver one of a kind, emotion-provoking pieces of art that convey how that moment felt. 



I won't pose you perfectly for the camera. My directing style is inspired by prompts that allow room for real, candid moments to occur. 

I'm inspired by the in-between moments. the moments you don't even realize are happening. The way your hands grasp one another. The way he helps carry your dress. All the little moments that add up to tell the whole story. 

When it comes to my style I'd like to describe it as film meets editorial. Nostalgic, emotion-provoking images made for the modern romantic.  

My types of couples are the people who are care free, can laugh at themselves, and value documenting real moments rather than producing fake ones. They want photos as real as their love. They know every moment is beautiful no matter how messy or raw it may be. 



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